Introducing Polyvagal Theory

Editor’s Note: At HorseHead, we’re becoming more and more intrigued by Polyvagal Theory, a relatively new explanation of the autonomic nervous system, present in all mammals. This is the first of an ongoing series on Polyvagal Theory and its application with horses and horsemanship. Please […]

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  • Brain Doc Hits the Road

    Dr. Steve Peters is becoming increasingly busy as he ramps up his horse brain science presentation across the country and the world. This October, you can see him at the Best Horse Practices Summit in Lexington, Kentucky. Register here. Here are additional dates and locations: […]

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  • Empathy Gaps Hinder our Horse Work

    This is an article about calm versus chaos, basic emotional states for both horses and humans. It was inspired by a Hidden Brain discussion about the Hot-Cold Empathy Gap. and has much to do with the autonomic nervous system discussed here. In the podcast, Shankur […]

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