Dog Brain Detour

Mammalian brains – horse brains, dog brains, human brains – have many similarities. Since this is so and since most horse owners love dogs, too, we thought you’d be interested in what folks at Harvard University have found: Researchers there are discovering that dog brains […]

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  • Horse Head Review

    We were pleased to see Karen Morgan’s review in this month’s edition of her local Santa Cruz County Horsemen’s Association. Order a copy here for yourself or a friend Morgan writes: We’re all guilty, at one time or another. We’ve wished our horse could share […]

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  • Introducing Polyvagal Theory

    Editor’s Note: At HorseHead, we’re becoming more and more intrigued by Polyvagal Theory, a relatively new explanation of the autonomic nervous system, present in all mammals. This is the first of an ongoing series on Polyvagal Theory and its application with horses and horsemanship. Please […]

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