Knowledge in Pain, Part I

Red heads perceive pain differently than others. This fact, mentioned in The Neuroscience of Pain, an article by Nicola Willey, stopped me in my tracks. We know pain as a universal, yet universally confounding phenomenon. Sure, some people seem “tougher” than others. But that gingers might […]

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  • Serotonin Moments: Martin, West, Amy

    As a follow-up to the HorseHead article on serotonin, we visited with several renowned trainers for their observations and experiences around learning moments likely influenced by serotonin. Keep this comment from Dr. Peters in mind as you read of their experiences: “Research on the effect […]

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  • Another Neurochemical to Know: Serotonin

    Neuroplasticity is a healthy brain’s ability to form and reform synaptic connections created through gazillions of moments. Every being – from a lab mouse to a horse to a human – is unique because of these moments and subsequent memories They are experiences stored and […]

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