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Karen with her horses, April and Kermit

We were pleased to see Karen Morgan’s review in this month’s edition of her local Santa Cruz County Horsemen’s Association.

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Morgan writes:

We’re all guilty, at one time or another. We’ve wished our horse could share our feelings, motivations, and goals. We want our horse to understand us, but when we try to understand him, we sometimes come up short. No matter how long you’ve been around horses, the information you’ve learned about a horse’s mind can sometimes be incomplete and conflicting. But who can afford to pursue a degree in equine neurology?

In Horse Head, Maddy Butcher has done an incredible amount of research for you. She has consulted top neuroscientists and behaviorists, in both human and equine fields, and compiled enough information to provide a detailed roadmap to a better relationship with your equine friend. 

…The more you know about your horse on a neurochemical level, the better able you’ll be to avoid bigger problems that can arise from not knowing what’s going on between your horse’s ears. You’ll find answers to questions like:

Horse Head: Brain Science & Other Insights

Why is it important to take a horse outside his comfort level?

Why are frequent breaks just as important as release from pressure in order for him to learn?

What exactly is “feel”?

How are our brains and body systems similar and different?

How can we allow a horse to make his own decisions, to want to focus on us, and to avoid ‘learned helplessness’ or resentment?

Why does it take so long to retrain a troubled horse?

The author makes a powerful argument for understanding a horse’s mind, from his perspective. Her book is a valuable key to that understanding. Every horseman should keep a copy on the shelf. 

Thanks, Karen, and stay in touch!

Order a copy here for yourself or a friend.

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  1. This IS a great book! It’s worth reading many times over, or picking out a chapter here or a section there to re-read.

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