Horse Brain Doc Hits the Road

Aside from another popular presentation at the Best Horse Practices Summit in Maine this October, Dr. Steve Peters will deliver presentations in North Carolina, Oregon, and Colorado this year.

Dr. Steve Peters. Photo by Zach Rhoades

Here are the details:

Neuroscience and Horsemanship Clinic with Dr. Steve Peters and Jim Thomas
April 6 – 7  Siler, North Carolina
Free Equine Neuroscience discussion with Dr. Steve Peters Friday evening, April 5.

Hosted by Bar T Horsemanship Contact Bar T on their website for more information.

Details: Neuroscientist and Evidence-Based Horsemanship co-author Dr. Steve Peters will lead a two-day seminar where we delve deeply into the horse’s brain functioning and neurochemistry to give you a better way to communicate and understand your horse based on how your horse perceives and processes their world. Multimedia lecture, presentation, equine brain dissection.

Oregon seminar, May 24-26

Equine Science and Education Center, Bend Oregon

Contact Lucinda Baker at [email protected]

Your Horse’s Brain: A User’s Manual with Dr. Steve Peters, Mark Rashid and Jim Masterson
July 6 -7 at the Happy Dog Ranch in Littleton, Colorado Hosted by Considering The Horse, Mark Rashid and Happy Dog Ranch

Click here for more information. 

Two days of learning about the science behind what makes your horses do what they do. Dr. Peters will be joined by clinician Mark Rashid and Jim Masterson, founder of The Masterson Method. This seminar is for those seeking to expand their knowledge of horses and will include lecture, practical demonstrations, an equine brain dissection and round table discussion with Peters, Rashid, and Masterson.

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