Peters presents Horse Science Seminar

For the second time this year, HorseHead’s Dr. Steve Peters will team with West Taylor for a Horse Science Seminar.

The two-and-a-half day event will be hosted by the National Ability Center, in Park City, Utah, July 7-9.

Peters, co-author with Martin Black, of Evidence-Based Horsemanship, will present academic classroom presentations. Taylor, owner of Wild West Mustang Ranch, will reinforce what students learn in the classroom with arena demonstrations in the afternoons.

To register, visit this page.

To check out Taylor’s promotional videos for the event, click here.

This recent scientist-cowboy collaboration has been fruitful for the horse. We know brain science is complicated stuff. yet Peters and Taylor nurture the translation of it for horse owners and riders. They offer ways to readily apply the science to practical horse matters.

Peters and co-author Martin Black will give an Evidence-Based Horsemanship presentation at the Best Horse Practices Summit in Durango, this October.

Said Taylor:

“Broken down to its simplest form, my horse training program is: Pressure, Release, and Seeking Relief.

  • Pressure motivates the horse to “find something.”
  • Release tells the horse “you have found the answer.”
  • Allowing the horse the time to “seek relief” after the release of pressure puts it together with a reinforcing dose of dopamine.”

Sounds about right, West. See you in Park City!

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