Horse Head Now Available!

Horse Head: Brain Science & Other Insights now available

Horse Head: Brain Science & Other Insights, the exciting and innovative book by Maddy Butcher with Dr. Steve Peters is now available.

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What people are staying about Horse Head:

Be among the first and get a FREE stick of Alpine Start

“Horse Head is perfect in how easily and lightly the thoughts, theory, science, and stories come across…To have a balance of science and sense, as well as grounded-ness and emotion, is a wonderful thing that this book achieves.”

Chris Lombard, Chris Lombard Horsemanship

“Concise treatments of many different topics. A good resource that doesn’t need to be read from beginning to end, and can be referred to again and again as needed for specific information.”

Whit Hibbard, Stockmanship Journal

“Horseowners should read this book to help them learn that it takes more than their personal emotional connection to create a successful partnership. We need to understand things from the horse’s perspective. Horse Head helps translate events with horses’ needs and welfare taken into consideration.”

Dr. Rebecca Gimenez Husted, President TLAER

“I like this book a lot. A lot a lot. I love the size of the chapters. They’re focused and short enough to read, digest, and then read again. I also like the fact that they’re in discreet enough categories that you can almost use it like a reference book when you’re struggling.

My favorite entry is probably the defense of cowboys, where you talked about the difference between keeping horses in a pasture under ‘benign neglect’ and keeping them in a stable, where Butcher puts into words the things I was sure were true about keeping horses that way.

Conversely, it was nice to read some of the chapters that challenged my beliefs about horsemanship in a way that was approachable and positive rather than detractive. 

There is a great balance between bits of scientific knowledge and the bigger picture of the relationship between horse and rider.”

Curtis Moore, Nevada horseman

Opening chapter

“Maddy Butcher successfully blends scientific evidence with the practical issues horse owners deal with on a daily basis and she does it in an engaging, easy-to-read style. I recommend Horse Head to any rider looking to improve their partnership with horses.”

Katrin Silva, Katrin Silva Dressage

“Horse Head is no dry, science-y manual, though you will learn a lot.  Maddy’s ability to marry science and prose makes this book hard to put down.”

Amy Skinner, Amy Skinner Horsemanship

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  1. Love this book! It supports and inspires what I need to continue my evolving relationship with my horses, esp my bossy Hafflinger mare. Looking forward to more useful books from Cayuse Communications and the new era of horsemanship writers, riders and trainers. FINALLY, it’s never too late for engaging in BEST practices with our horses.

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